Spiritual Explorations

The Twelve Powers

Twelve Powers MS801  Over these five powerful sessions, you will engage in understanding and applying the system of Powers or Abilities of your innate divinity. Discover ways to make these powers come alive in your meditation practice as well as in your practical life. They will become a practical tool for you to deepen your spiritual awareness and further your spiritual maturity. They will help you in your awareness of your personality and your appreciation of others.  This interactive course will help you “see the Christ” in yourself and in others.  In addition to Charles Fillmore’s classic book, we read Power-Up by Paul Hasselbeck and balance it with the feminine perspective offered by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett in Divine Audacity. $75.00 Five Mondays: January 10, 17, 24, 31 Feb. 7  8-9:30 pm (ET)  (7 CT)

Twelve Powers

Use them to Empower your Life! UWSI Accredited SEE course


Unity Affirmative Prayer

This active course introduces Affirmative prayer, explores the metaphysics behind it, and gives you plenty of practice. You will learn to write your own affirmative statements that are the basis of Unity prayer. This course always brings reports of new insights and expansion of consciousness. It meets the prerequisite to becoming a chaplain at many Unity centers. The primary textbooks is How To Pray Without Talking to God offered by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, in addition to Unity’s classic books on Prayer, and sections of Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck.  Five Mondays: February 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21.  8-9:30 pm  ET (7 CT)

Unity Affirmative Prayer

How to pray from your divinity. UWSI Accredited SEE course


Overview of Hebrew Scriptures

A ground-breaking approach to the Hebrew Scriptures! Rev Pat offers a way to see the Hebrew Bible as a window into the evolving consciousness of the era in which the Bible was written. Using chapters from her upcoming book, she provides cultural, historic, economic background to the events and attitudes of the time. $75.00 Five Tuesdays, March 15,22,29, April 5,12. 8-9:30 pm  ET (7 CT)

Overview of Hebrew Scriptures

An Evolutionary look at the ancient texts. UWSI Accredited SEE course


The three courses above qualify for Unity SEE credit. When you register at New Vista, you will receive information about how to get this course posted to your transcript at UWSI.

Spiral Conversations

“Spiral Conversations” is an ongoing group that practices viewing issues in today’s world from a Spiral Dynamics Tier 2 perspective. We realize that our first tendency is to judge others. So we’ll give our ego selves a chance to voice our opinions, then we’ll center ourselves and do an integral review, to understand the issue from a Tier 2 perspective.

Through dynamic interaction and group discussion, you will also apply the concept of Spiral Dynamics to your personal evolutionary journey, and explore the personal values and stages we grow through to mature into 2nd Tier practice. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday, 8 pm ET. Subscribe to this lively group for as long as you’d like.

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New Vista Learning Center is a Spiritual Enrichment- Education Program that offers online real-time, personal, dynamic courses filled with discussion and meaningful exercises to aid in your spiritual growth.  Rev. Pat Veenema, M, Div. is a lively, passionate, articulate, skilled facilitator, heart-centered metaphysician and adjunct faculty at  Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. 

“I am so grateful for Rev. Pat. She facilitated a course experience of harmony, grace, joy and love in a way I did not know possible, especially through an online forum! Grateful!”

“Rev. Pat is excellent. She is very supportive and responsive to student needs. She is very encouraging and allows a comfortable environment for students to explore deeply personal topics.”

“You are an amazing teacher, Rev Pat, and I appreciate all the opportunities to interact on spiritual subjects with all the participants.”

“Love our class. You ROCK!!!”

“Rev Pat has a gracious, congenial style.”

So glad to have you as a teacher. You foster a great community feeling among the students, listen to what each has to say, and facilitate the best learning situation possible on Zoom. I appreciate you!!


Questions? Contact Rev Pat at newvistaunity@gmail.com