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Rev Pat’s Courses at New Vista Learning Center

Metaphysics 1-4 is a study of “Heart-Centered Metaphysics” by Paul Hasselbeck. I offer Metaphysics 1 every term at UWSI. In this series, I invite students to continue the journey with me through the rest of the book in this small-group setting, where we learn to listen to each other, share our own stories that illustrate the spiritual laws at work in our lives, and celebrate our growth.

Metaphysics 3: The Basic Tool Kit For Living

Unity’s basic toolkit for living the life of non-attachment. Examine how thoughts and feelings can keep you from realizing your highest good. Practice re-forming or re-framing thoughts to create a life of peace and happiness. See how your inner spiritual powers can be activated so you can live an empowered life.  FIVE SUNDAYS, February 16, 23, March 1, 8, 15. 6:30-8 pm ET Tuition: $80.00  Additional $45.00 registration fee for UWSI SEE Elective credit.  

Metaphysics 4: Proving the Truth We Know

In this final Metaphysics course, you will develop practices that actively apply the Truth that you have learned in the previous metaphysics courses, and embark on a project to apply the transformation tools you’ve studied throughout the Metaphysics series. Through the consistent use of these practical principles, you can consciously transform your life and realize more of your spiritual potential.   FOUR SUNDAYS, corrected dates: March 29-April 19. 6:30-8 pm ET Tuition: $80.00  Additional $45.00 registration fee for UWSI SEE Elective credit.   

Spiral Spirituality 

Learn Spiral Dynamics, a fascinating model that will help you view yourself and your life choices with appreciation and insight, see others from their perspective, based on their values, which can open a way for us to develop a heart of tolerance for people who are different from us.  Explore from an integral view the evolution of personal & collective consciousness as well as today’s social and political dynamics, with this integral-view model.  read more  …  In addition to various handouts and videos, our textbook is Birthing A Greater Reality by Unity author Robert Brumet.    FIVE MONDAYS: March 16, 23, 30, April 6, 13. 7-9pm ET (6 CT).  Tuition: $90.00.  Additional $45.00 registration fee for UWSI SEE Elective credit. 

Rev Pat’s Courses at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. (UWSI)

Metaphysics 1: Foundational Principles

Overview of Hebrew Scriptures 

We’ll apply the model of Spiral Dynamics to observe shifts in consciousness, values, and norms during the centuries during which the Hebrew Scriptures were written, to reconcile with the religions of our childhood and gain insights about the shifts going on it today’s society. Eight Wednesdays: Jan. 22-March 11 at 8:00 pm ET $120.00 or audit for $90.00  Register at UWSI

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Unity New Vista Learning Center is a Spiritual Enrichment- Education Program that offers online real-time, personal, dynamic courses filled with discussion and meaningful exercises to aid in your spiritual growth.  

“I am so grateful for Rev. Pat. She facilitated a course experience of harmony, grace, joy and love in a way I did not know possible, especially through an online forum! Grateful!”

“Rev. Pat is excellent. She is very supportive and responsive to student needs. She is very encouraging and allows a comfortable environment for students to explore deeply personal topics.”

Questions? Contact Rev Pat at newvistaunity@gmail.com

Rev. Pat Veenema, M, Div. is a lively, passionate, articulate, skilled facilitator, heart-centered metaphysician and adjunct faculty at  Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.