Spiritual Exploration

Join live conversations online to explore your spirituality- in very practical ways. We’ll talk metaphysics and offer spiritual practices for your personal application. Questions? newvistaunity@gmail.com

Unity SEE courses Spring 2019

Spiral Spirituality

View global and personal consciousness through the lens of Spiral Dynamics. See predictable waves of social, cultural and emotional evolution. Now, more than ever, the Spiral helps us understand human dynamics, pressing needs and diverse values… $90.00 read more Wednesdays 7:30pm EDT, April 3-30; Five 2-hour sessions.  $90.00

Metaphysics 2 

Explore concepts of beingness and Oneness consciousness as well as a metaphysical interpretation of  crucifixion and “born again.”  Sundays 5pm EDT, March 24-April 14; Four 2-hour group sessions.  $90.00

Metaphysics 3

Work with the power of thought to change your experience of life. Includes a glimpse at 12 Spiritual Powers, and a powerful 21-day denial/affirmation practice. Sundays, 5pm Eastern, April 28-May 26; Five 2-hour group sessions. $90.00

Metaphysics 4: 

With coaching, plan and implement a metaphysical demonstration of your choice.  Sundays, 5pm EDT, June 9-June 30; Four 2-hour group meetings, plus one optional individual session with Rev Pat. $90.00

Save $40.00 if you register for all three Metaphysics courses at one time:  $240.00 for a 13-week experience of valuable spiritual growth!

All courses are listed Eastern Daylight TimeIf you want to earn credit at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, you will pay an additional $45.00 SEE credit fee per course at UWSI. 

Unity New Vista Learning Center is a Spiritual Enrichment- Education Program that offers online real-time, personal, dynamic courses filled with discussion and meaningful exercises to aid in your spiritual growth.  

“I am so grateful for Rev. Pat. She facilitated a course experience of harmony, grace, joy and love in a way I did not know possible, especially through an online forum! Grateful!”

“Rev. Pat is excellent. She is very supportive and responsive to student needs. She is very encouraging and allows a comfortable environment for students to explore deeply personal topics.”

Questions? Contact Rev Pat at newvistaunity@gmail.com

Rev. Pat Veenema, M, Div. is a lively, passionate, articulate, skilled facilitator, heart-centered metaphysician and adjunct faculty at  Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.