Unity New Vista Learning Center Spiritual Enrichment- Education Program

Unity New Vista Learning Center offers  online real-time, personal, dynamic courses filled with discussion and meaningful exercises to aide in your spiritual growth.  Rev. Pat Veenema, M,Div. is a lively, passionate, articulate teacher, skilled facilitator, heart-centered metaphysician and adjunct faculty at  Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

The Twelve Powers  


Over these six power-filled, experiential sessions, you will engage in understanding and applying the system of Powers or Abilities of your innate divinity.  Discover ways to make these powers come alive in your meditation practice as well as in your practical life. Let these powers become a practical tool for you to deepen your spiritual awareness and further your spiritual maturity and increase your awareness of your personality and your appreciation of others.  Students will engage in guided meditation, writing, and presenting. This highly interactive course will help you “see the Christ” in yourself and in others.

Texts:  Divine Audacity by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett. Power-Up by Paul Hasselbeck

SIX SUNDAYS, 6-7:30 pm (ET): January 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18. Tuition: $99.00  Additional $45.00 registration fee for UWSI SEE credit.

13 thoughts on “Unity New Vista Learning Center Spiritual Enrichment- Education Program

    1. It is definitely possible to attend classes without a camera. With video, the students can see me and each other, which makes it a very enriching connection for everyone. But it isn’t required. Without a camera, you person will be able to see us, but we won’t see her. (most computers have them built in these days, unless she’s using one that is rather old, she might have one!)


    2. You can buy USB port attachable camera rather inexpensive these days any where from $10 to $20 bucks online. You may want to check into it. The visual aspect is a very nice touch because it does give a feeling of connectedness to everyone.


    1. Yes, you ought to have a camera. You could take the class without a camera you would be able to see us, but we couldn’t see you! A visual connection is a big plus for all the students. And I really appreciate being able to see you all: our visual contact makes all the difference!
      Many or most of the computers today have one built in. The lens is right above the screen. Your computer might have one!


  1. Hi Rev Pat! I am so excited about the upcoming line up. Yes to all! The end of this year has been difficult with family members passing away and illness but I claim renewed mind, body and spirit for the new year! I’m so excited about the line up you have planned. The virtual classes I’ve taken with you this far have been amazing. I’ll register soon. See you soon!


  2. Hi Pat, Wanda and I have signed up for Meta2. Is it ok if we are not physically there for the first class? We will be in Florida. We can bring a laptop and join from there if need be. Please let us know before Sunday when we leave. Thanks!


    1. It will be great to see you both again in Meta 2! I will record each session, so if you cannot join us while you’re in Florida, you can watch the session later. I’ll send you the link and the follow-up emails even though you’re not there, so you can be in touch.


  3. hi! is there a way to contact you via email? i’d like to chat with you about my church having access to your courses.

    thanks in advance & i hope to hear from you soon!

    darlene cross
    unity of washington d.c.


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