Spiritual Explorations

March 9 Integral Christianity & Unity

Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. CENTRAL

“Is Unity Christian?” Unity has asked this question for decades. In the 1990’s, we agreed that Unity offers a “Progressive approach to Christianity.” Spiral Dynamics defines Progressive as the final stage in the 1st Tier of the model.  Decades later, as many are awakening into 2nd Tier thinking, Let’s consider if Unity is evolving to serve those who are moving into the Integral worldview?  Would that be “Integral Christianity?” or “Integral Spirituality?”

In this participatory workshop, we will learn Spiral Dynamics basics, investigate the concept of “integral,” consider Integral Christianity author Paul Smith’s challenge to the Unity movement. Suggested Love Offering: $35.00

REGISTRATION CLOSES ON SUNDAY MARCH 7th, 2021, 11:45 p.m. (CT). (No late registrations accepted.)

Facilitated by Rev. Pat Veenema at UWM’s online platform.

Learn more and REGISTER here

March SEE Week in March

Register now for an online SEE Intensive week March 22-26, 2021. Three SEE courses are offered: At 1 pm ET, Rev Drs Gary and Jane Simmons will deliver I of the Storm, At 4 pm ET, Rev Pat Veenema will offer Metaphysics 1, and at 7 pm ET, Rev Ogun Holder will offer Meditation Practices

Registration is now open at Unity Center of Peace  don’t wait till that last week to register! https://unitychapelhill.org/classes/

June Metaphysics 2, 3, 4 Series

Rev Pat offers an annual 12-week series of Metaphysics 2, 3, 4. This year, we begin the online series Monday nights in June at 8 pm ET. Plan ahead! Take Meta 1 with Rev Pat at UWSI or at the SEE week mentioned above, then continue the journey on Zoom June – August. Students become a loving, supportive community as we explore Unity Metaphysics. Don’t pass up this valuable opportunity to make lifelong friendships with other awakening spiritual explorers! Pre-registration open now. Read Series Details and Financial Information

Questions? newvistaunity@gmail.com

Unity New Vista Learning Center is a Spiritual Enrichment- Education Program that offers online real-time, personal, dynamic courses filled with discussion and meaningful exercises to aid in your spiritual growth.  

“I am so grateful for Rev. Pat. She facilitated a course experience of harmony, grace, joy and love in a way I did not know possible, especially through an online forum! Grateful!”

“Rev. Pat is excellent. She is very supportive and responsive to student needs. She is very encouraging and allows a comfortable environment for students to explore deeply personal topics.”

Questions? Contact Rev Pat at newvistaunity@gmail.com

Rev. Pat Veenema, M, Div. is a lively, passionate, articulate, skilled facilitator, heart-centered metaphysician and adjunct faculty at  Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.