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A few months ago, I began blogging at a different site. Those blogs are still available for you to read. I received quite a few hits and comments on the one titled “I Wouldn’t Go To Church Either… if I Weren’t a Minister!” You can read this and all of the older blogs at  Reflections.

I’ve changed the site because I’ve changed the name and the focus of the ministry. When I returned to the Durham/Chapel Hill area that I have called “home” since 1986, I thought I might be serving the Durham people by opening a spiritual center where we would come together physically to grow spiritually. Although some people responded positively to that invitation, the ministry just didn’t “launch.”  I decided to let it go.

As spiritual things happen, within days of letting my old idea go, other ideas and opportunities came forward.  I began receiving invitations to teach Unity SEE courses in the Triangle and Triad of NC. From those experiences, I remembered that teaching is what I truly love. I realized this is the “bliss” that I have been following all my life. Doors began to open, opportunities turned into confirmations of guidance, and I eventually submitted a proposal to Unity Worldwide Ministries to teach SEE classes through a virtual classroom. UWM has given me permission to do a trial run, and to share with them how it goes. So my ministry is now a Learning Center: a virtual classroom where people can learn Unity teachings from the comfort of their own homes, while still connecting real-time with other spiritual explorers and receiving personal inspiration, insights and guidance from a contemporary cutting-edge Unity minister.

It’s ironic: when I was in seminary, I was absolutely sure that I would serve as a pulpit minister. Which I did, but for only two years. Now I’m developing an teaching ministry. Other classmates were absolutely certain that they would not become pulpit ministers. Some did not. But others are now serving congregations!  It’s true that when we follow spiritual guidance, our best made plans sometimes vaporize into thin air!

Thus the change of name and the change of site. I hope you’ll enjoy reading some of my older posts, and “follow” this one to keep up with the unfolding of this ministry.

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~Rev. Pat Veenema, M.Div.

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