What Did Jesus Really Teach?

Are you planning your late Summer calendar already? Set aside 5 Monday evenings to join an exciting intellectually and spiritually expanding experience!  Lecture, video, dialogue, and meditation mix into Pat’s classes to make them engaging and satisfying!

A completely revamped and revitalized Unity SEE “Jesus’ Teachings” is now available from your own home!

Sign up now for this exciting revised and updated course, compiled by Rev. Pat from her M, Div. studies at Unity Institute & Seminary and further self-directed study.

This course incorporates updates on the modern scholarly search for the historical Jesus. We’ll get to know The Jesus Seminar and its tireless work, the significance of the Nag Hammadi discovery, and the valuable insight these documents bring to the study. We’ll deconstruct the Jesus myth found in the Synoptic Gospels,  and learn about the historical events and cultural influences that inspJesusMMagdaleneFrankThomasired the myth.  Why was 70 AD a critical year?  How did it impact the development of Christianity?

We’ll take a frank and heart-centered look at what Jesus might have actually said, and gain insights about his message.  We will also read and explore Jesus’ parables at the heart-level. Students will feel a balance in this class: balancing the head-centered and the heart-centered approach to Jesus’ teachings.

Finally, after the debunking the myth and making a heart-connection, we’ll ask reflective questions about the implications of the new findings upon Christianity and its future, seeing it through the lens of the evolution of consciousness.

This and every course offered by New Vista is in full compliance with Unity Institute’s SEE requirements and standards. Rev. Pat has offered this ground-breaking course to two groups of Unity students in Greensboro and Chapel Hill, NC. With their feedback, she has refined this course to be well worth your valuable time!

 “very informative and enlightening”

“I loved the combination of readings, videos, conversation and meditation!”

“great energy, enthusiasm, teaching and facilitating!”

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