What Does Unity Teach about Jesus’ Teachings?

Can we rely on what the Gospels say about Jesus?  Why do the books of the Bible tell different stories about him? How do we know what is historical and what is myth? How can we know what Jesus really said? What about the other gospels that didn’t make it into the Bible? Many scholars haJesus-Teachingve wondered about these things, and a lot is written about this topic.

The facts about the search for the historical Jesus often don’t filter to the people through the Sunday Sermon. The message is too complicated to communicate in twenty minutes time. And since the audience is varied, many ministers don’t bother getting into it on Sundays. But with today’s information age, people’s brains are engaged. We expect to hear facts, and want clarity between what is fact and what is myth.

It’s time for everyone to take an honest look at Jesus’ teachings. Unity offers a course that does just this. It’s a newly revised course which provides updates from the scholarly search for the historical Jesus. We’ll answer these questions and much more: How do some scholars evaluate of the validity of Jesus words; what is the significance of the Nag Hammadi discovery; and what valuable insights do they bring to the study of the historical and mythological Jesus?

Learn about the historical events and cultural influences that inspired the myth.  Why was 70 AD a critical year?  How did it impact the development of Christianity?  Curtain3

With the help of Bart Erhman, Marcus Borg, Paul Alan Laughlin, John Shelby Spong and John Dominic Crossan, we’ll take a frank look at the Jesus myth. Allow yourself to rage or grieve or explore whatever feelings come up. I provide a safe place to do that in this unique virtual class platform.

What did Jesus really say? We’ll move into a heart-centered look at the one-liners Jesus might have actually said, and gain insights about his message.  We’ll  explore Jesus’ parables at the heart-level. Students will feel a balance in this class: it’s a head-and-heart approach to Jesus’ teachings.

After debunking the myth and connecting with the heart, we’ll ask reflective, reconstructive questions about the implications upon the future of Christianity, seeing it through the lens of the evolution of consciousness.

I offer this course with great enthusiasm, as I am very familiar with the gospels and am thrilled to share the latest insights about Jesus. It’s exciting to see Jesus a little more clearly, one which makes sense to my intellect and understanding, and rediscover his message of unconditional love and radical acceptance.  Previous students comments:  “very informative and enlightening” …  “I loved the combination of readings, videos, conversation and meditation!”   …  “great energy, enthusiasm, teaching and facilitating!”

Enroll now! First class is August 10. Details at Unity SEE classes 

2 thoughts on “What Does Unity Teach about Jesus’ Teachings?

  1. Hi Pat, Rev Karen Tudor sent me your pdf on the SEE classes you are offering. I am interested in two of the upcoming classes. First I must ask is $65 the only cost. Secondly, will the class be meeting online in a face-to-face video conferencing style for the 2 to 3 hours of the class (or) is it simply Internet chat style for the hours you have set? Thanks. –Phyllis


    1. Hi, Phyllis, Thanks for asking. I charge $65.00 for the course. (that breaks down to less than $15.00 per two-hour session) When you register with me, I’ll send you information on how to register with them.
      If you want to get credit for it with Unity Institute, you will register with them, which is an additional $45.00 investment in your spiritual enrichment.
      Our style of classroom is face to face, with full audio and video contact,as well as a text chat box. We log into the class about 10 minutes before it begins and activate our cameras and get settled in. We pray-in, have a check-in and continue with instruction and dialogue just like we would in a class at your church. When you register with me, I’ll send you instructions on what to do to get started, and I’ll walk you through anything you feel uncomfortable with.
      Our experience has been very positive thus far! We have enjoyed seeing each other come back to class each week, and we find it very comfortable to discuss things both by voice as well as by text chat box. I use a PowerPoint and I access the internet live to make this a truly interactive, multi-media learning experience!
      At the end of each session, I send every student a copy of the text chat and the PowerPoint. I also have ability to record each session in case someone can’t make it to class.


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