“Sunday Spiritual Circles” in March

ANNOUNCING “Sunday Spiritual Circle”  a heart-conversation

Do you understand how it feels to be at church on Sunday morning and catch yourself yearning for  meaningful, personal interactions with others? The social hour is great. It provides fun, authentic fellowship: a good time to make new friends and welcome newcomers. But do you sometimes find yourself driving home wishing there had been a
deeper spiritual contact
with a few others?  … Using the power of video cameras, New Vista 20273040-teamwork-union-people-element-vectornow offers an opportunity for “heart-conversation” interaction online at New Vista’s “Sunday Spiritual Circle.” 

These conversation and meditation sessions will be less didactic, than our other courses, with few if any PowerPoint slides. There will be a lot of time for you to just enjoy the presence of the others in the circle, listen  and empathize with them, and stretch yourself into more expansive thinking.RAISEDD HANDS

We will begin in March with the study of  Eric Butterworth’s Discover The Power Within You    Engage in eye to eye heart-to-heart spiritual conversations on Eric Butterworth’s classic.  Unity basic teachings – through the lens of Jesus’ sayings.  Student preparation is essential to making this experiential rather than didactic. Join us! and invite your friends!

SEE MS804 “Discover The Power Within You”  Sundays March 13- April 3. 10 hrs: 4 pm – 6:20 pm Eastern (1pm Pacific) 

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