Following Your Gut: Sunday Spiritual Circle Postponed…. plus a reflection on my mission statement

I have decided to postpone the launch of “Sunday Spiritual Circle.”  The idea is great: the timing isn’t.  This process of discernment is like seeking the sound of a professional orchestra that vibrates beautifully when it is properly tuned. When the timing isn’t right, the orchestra sounds squeaky, feels gritty and is essentially dis-harmonious.  Discernment is a divine power that when used in the highest spiritual way, brings harmony and the feeling that “just feels right.”

So we shall wait, knowing the timing will be right sometime later. All is well, and all is perfect. And so we let it be.

In seminary, I was assigned to write my personal mission statement. After much meditative discernment, (walking the Unity Village golf course as the sun set) I created a statement in which every word was discerned and evaluated. It felt so right, I knew it was “mine.” I stood by it even when Rev. Dr. Tom challenged me on the choice of one of the words. I stood by it, because it felt right in my gut, in the solar plexus, where the Power of Wisdom/Discernment resides. When I revisit my mission statement, I still feel that sense of “it’s mine.” And I’m still exploring its implications for my spiritual journey. Here it is:

My mission is to be, express and nurture 

authenticity, beauty and the Presence 

in myself and others.

As I walk through life “post-seminary,” and discover my role as a “minister,” I learn more and more clearly what is means to “be authenticity,” to “be beauty” and to “be the Presence.”  These concepts are alive in me, in everything I do. These are my high callings: they create in me a surge of excitement!

I nurture these qualities in myself, and through expression, hope that I am nurturing them in my students. I follow deep inner guidance to establish and maintain authentic interactions with my students and my Self. I seek beauty, (which includes balance, harmony, radiance…) adjusting and evolving as I go. I practice the Presence and model the practice with others.

As I explore this cutting-edge online teaching ministry, I realize that, just as I boldly stepped into the work, I can boldly revise and redirect my course offerings. I see this ministry evolving with ease, flowing down the stream effortlessly, riding the current of expansive evolution. And so it is.


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