About Rev. Pat and New Vista

Unity New Vista Learning Center is a progressive spiritual learning community which offers credentialed Unity SEE classes through virtual online classroom. In this manner, New Vista reaches many people who are eager to fulfill the requirements to become Unity ministers and teachers as well as center leaders. Others join the classes for personal spiritual growth and find themselves in a community of interesting, caring New Thought students who stimulate and encourage their growth across the miles.

As I envisioned this ministry, I imagined that it would become international. Then I launched the ministry June 15, 2015, and the first student to register was from New South Wales, Australia! We are literally a global learning community!

I am committed to offering accessible, affordable, engaging, personal professional Unity spiritual education and enrichment.

Why the name “Unity New Vista”?   

Unity Worldwide Ministries has asked all ministries to use Unity as the first word in their name, and the location of the ministry next. As a virtual ministry, it doesn’t matter where I am located, nor where my students are located. I could connect with you from my own home, from a vacation cottage at the beach,  or a bed and breakfast in Amsterdam!  So for the name of this virtual ministry, I was not confined by location.

I wanted to communicate a broad outlook, a fresh perspective, a new way of seeing ministry and learning:  Unity New Vista Learning Center.  In my creation of a virtual internet classroom, I am modeling  a new vision of training our future Unity leaders. Additionally, I am tweaking the SEE curriculum to incorporate the latest thoughts about science and religion as unity wingswell as the search for the historical Jesus.  Yet, I honor and extol the classic Unity teachings so that we can have a full perspective of our heritage.

I also suggest it is time to “see” the Unity movement with a new perspective, one that will be true to the consciousness of Unity’s founders and also relate to the awakening consciousness of the 21st Century. I have a keen interest in the study of the evolution of consciousness, particularly through the model of Spiral Dynamics. spiral_dynamicsThis model has given me a new perspective. It has helped me see the world through a new lens.  It has helped me understand trends in culture, politics, social changes, church dynamics, family behaviors, and my own self-awareness.

I think that if the Unity movement is to maintain relevance in the 21st Century, we must see our ministry within the framework of the evolution of consciousness. My desire is to invite Unity leaders to stretch themselves (to mature spiritually) into the “second tier” of consciousness, which requires continual conscious release of ego. Awakening is about evolving our consciousness. Maturing spiritually is expedited by exploring our understanding of the levels of consciousness. Our goal as spiritually mature beings is to perceive others’ consciousness with compassion, empathy and tolerance and acceptance.


About Rev. Pat  I’m just like you: a spiritual being having a physical experience, following my bliss in this lifetime.

I’m a graduate of Unity Institute & Seminary, and ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2012. I’m founder of New Vista Learning Center, and adjunct faculty for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. My ministry is teaching: helping people awaken to the spiritual truth that they are beloved, precious and evolving.

I’m a mother and grandmother, a friend, a sister. I’m a life long learner. I’m a college graduate. I was a school teacher for 18 years, teaching pre-adolescents. I served as a church minister for a while until I created this ministry, which gives me great happiness!  I’m a former Calvinist Christian and a current New Thought Christian. I’m a woman who woke up in her mid-40’s to realize that she had the right to think, feel and dream for herself.  I’m an adult who is learning that it’s okay to take risks and step out in faith.

I am committed to being relevant, accessible and honest with the seeker of the 21st Century. I am cultivating a thriving spiritual learning center where together we can grow in self-awareness and self-esteem, where we can fully embrace being spiritual beings having a human experience.

Unity Institute & Seminary ‘s Masters of Divinity program offered me a priceless opportunity to allow my mind and heart expand to transcend and include my old embedded theology.  I am grateful to the Unity movement, founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore over 125 years ago!

Daily, I practice being heart-centered, and I am also a keen thinker and an effective facilitator, who  provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for personal sharing and exciting theological conversations.DSC_8372

I utilize various teaching methods to present materials. I am responsive to the tone and pace of the group, and I create a sense of stimulation as well as a circle safety for you to feel comfortable asking the tough questions or sharing something aloud that will help you move through a block.

I believe that transformation takes more than a couple Sunday sermons per month, and the classroom setting of no more than 10 people is an effective way to facilitate lasting transformation.

There are two phrases that echo in my mind as I walk through this life:  “I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.”  I hope that through these musings, you’ll begin to see that you, too, are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you.” I believe that, but first one must find his or her bliss!  I believe that continued self-awareness practices will help you find your bliss. The Unity SEE courses I teach, along with my personal touch, are designed to help you do just that.


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8 thoughts on “About Rev. Pat and New Vista

  1. HI Pat
    I registered for Overview of Christian Teachings. When will you be ending emails with instructions etc. I look forward to Thursday. Karen


    1. I’m so glad you asked, Karen! I see that you registered at Unity Institute. But there are two steps to register for my classes. The most important one is to register at this website. Go to the “Unity SEE classes” tab, and pay for the course with the PayPal Button. When PayPal sends me a notice that you’ve paid for the course, I’ll send you all the information.
      Your registration at Unity Institute is for the purpose of receiving creidt for the class toward your future LUT or ministry path.


  2. Hello Rev Pat,
    I will be signing up for the class that was previously known as “Life of Prayer” this is my last step before I can become an ordained prayer Chaplain at Unity on the River in Amsebury, MA. Amy Joslin reached out to me with the reminder that the class starts this Thursday night. I will be able to register & pay for the course on Wednesday.
    Debra Crosby


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