About the Virtual Classroom

SEE courses are open to anyone who wants to explore their understanding of “God” and “Self” in a spiritual, non-dogmatic way. These course attract a powerful group of people. 

SPIRITUAL EDUCATION AND ENRICHMENT “SEEcourses offered by Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute are open enrollment, but required for people who wish to enter Unity leadership (Licensed Unity Teacher or Ordained Unity Minister).

These courses do not offer dogma, although they are intended to you to question your embedded dogma.  They offer questions for you to ponder, readings for you to digest, activities to help you stretch your consciousness as you learn to observe your thoughts. They are building blocks for raising our consciousness so that we can be all that we are meant to be and more! They help Unity students to be prepared to engage and inspire others. 


All of New Vista Learning Center courses, unless otherwise indicated, qualify for SEE credit at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. (UWSI)   These online courses are categorized as “SEE In The Field,” similar to courses offered at your local Unity Center.

If you attend New Vista Learning Center and want to get credit at UWSI, you pay in 2 places:

  1. Register for the course at this website. PayPal will notify me, and I’ll send you a welcome letter, the syllabus and instructions about how to access my online classroom. A few days before the course begins, I’ll correspond with all of the students by email.
  2. Pay the $45.00 credit fee at UWSI so that the registrar will post this course to your transcript. registration UWSI


I will email you a link to the ZOOM classroom on the morning of each session. It’s easy to use, and very simple.  Correspondence is delivered by email. Discussions are limited to the live session. Email can be used by any student who wishes to add reflections or share resources. Zoom video: How to join a meeting:

HOW MANY STUDENTS? Typically you can expect 6-8 students in New Vista’s classes. That will vary, of course. This small group atmosphere is very valuable to us as we can build community through the journey.

WHAT’S THE WORKLOAD at New Vista Learning Center?

The work load is similar to what you’d experience in a local classroom. Do an assignment (read, or watch a video or do a meditation) before class so you can be ready to discuss the topic you’ve played with during the previous week. You’ll have some creative prompts for writing in your private journal or practicing a certain type of meditation. Maybe you’ll be asked to lead a guided meditation, “become an expert” on a specific subject in the readings. During our live online session, I offer a mix of short activities. (Instruction, discussion, break-out groups, meditation practice, vocabulary building exercises….)  Most students say the time flies by. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction. It is very spiritually and intellectually stimulating to share ideas together.


I accept rare absences, if you notify me before class begins. I record every session of my classes, and will send you the link to the recording as soon as the class ends. You will send me an email that reflects on the session in a way that I can be assured that you listened actively to the recording. 


You probably have both video and audio built in to your computer. Your satisfaction with the audio and video will depend on your internet provider’s upload and download speed. The faster your internet connection, the better experience you’ll have. Start your camera when you get into the room. We love using video, so that we’ll feel more connected. We really do create spiritual community in these courses!

What People Say

I was concerned about online learning, but I learned it’s much easier to get online than I had feared!

You helped me get into ministry school and you remain one of my very favorite SEE teachers.

I’ve taken 6 classes with Rev Pat and they have been so meaningful!