New Vista’s classroom

Many of us have come to know that we really can connect through an online forum. I prepare my class environment for easy connection and comfort during our visits together.

Typically you can expect 5-12 students in New Vista’s Zoom classroom. This small-group atmosphere is valuable to us as we can build community through the journey. Discussion is lively in our live session, which is recorded and distributed to students.

In my courses, I invite you to ask yourself some questions that you might not have ventured into on your own. If you’re ready to do some personal spiritual explorations, you’ll enjoy the process and the journey that these courses offer.

“Thank you for your warm and encouraging words. You are making a difference.”


I do not offer dogma, although my questions sometimes invite you to question your embedded dogma.  I offer questions for us to ponder, readings to digest, activities to help us stretch our consciousness as we learn to observe our thoughts/feelings. These courses are building blocks for raising our consciousness so that we can be all that we are meant to be and more! They help Unity students to be prepared to engage and inspire others. 


Zoom video: to learn how to join a Zoom meeting:

Rev Pat will email you a link to the ZOOM classroom on the morning of each session. It’s easy to use, and very simple.  Correspondence is delivered by email from Email “reply all” can be used by any student who wishes to add reflections or share resources.


You probably have both video and audio built in to your computer. Your satisfaction with the audio and video will depend on your internet provider’s upload and download speed. The faster your internet connection, the better experience you’ll have. Sometimes you can improve your experience by using a direct connection to your internet port instead of using your home’s Wi-Fi.

Please start your camera when you get into the room. We love using video, so that we’ll feel more connected. We really do create spiritual community in these courses!

Other FAQs

Do you take attendance? Yes, I do take attendance.  

Can I miss a session and still get credit for the course?  If you must miss a class, let me know before the class by email. You may not miss more than 2 sessions per 5-week course, 1 session per 4-week course. 

How can I get credit if I miss a class? All classes are recorded. I send a follow-up email to the group when the session is done, with a link to the recording. Listen to the recorded session and write a “reply all” to that email, telling us your thoughts, ah-ha’s, appreciations, with an intention of letting me know that you did listen to it.  

Is this course recognized for credit at UWSI? If the course is approved for credit with UWSI, it will be noted in the description.  If I decide to offer a course that is not an approved elective, I will make this clear on the website within the course listing.  

How should I pay for SEE credit at UWSI? I list each course at UWSI. They post it as a SEE Field course. Find my course listed there and pay the $45.00 directly to UWSI. (Use the link provided in the syllabus) 

When will this course show up on my transcript at UWSI?   When you submit your final paper to me by email, I will read it within 72 hours. I will post your final grade the same day I read your final paper. I think that once this is done, their system reports the grade to your transcript automatically. 

Will you offer a course by request?   Yes, depending on my plans for the next year, and level of interest among other students.