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Spiral Conversations

If we have learned the basics about Spiral Dynamics, we are ready to apply it to current issues in our lives. This is our chance to apply the understanding of the spiral in our world, from personal to global and every worldview in between. We’ll also unpack the model’s premises and concepts in greater detail.

Newcomers are invited to attend the first 2 session free, then subscribe if they would like to continue.

Sample of topics we explore:

The Church: What does an Integrated Spiritual Center look like? How does Spiral Dynamics inform our understanding of the immanent closing of hundreds of churches? How does it inform our understanding of megachurches? How does it inform our perception of the Unity movement?

Spirituality across the stages of the Spiral. Understanding the scriptures and God through the lens of the Spiral. How does the spiritual practice evolve through the stages?

We could talk about the educational system, politics, family systems and urban renewal from the lens of the Spiral What else?

Your interests and inquiries will steer the conversations. (You don’t need to know a lot about Spiral Dynamics to join this course. In fact, I’ll provide instructional videos on the basics of the model when you register.)

First and Third Thursdays Ongoing 7 – 8:30 pm Eastern (6 CT)

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Evolution in the Bible : An Integral Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures

This course offers an overview of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) focusing on the historical, cultural and political memes that portray the worldview at the time the Bible was written. We will use my newly published book as the textbook for this course. Evolution in the Bible: An Integral Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures. Order Kindle or paperback at Amazon. Order paperback at Balboa Press.

This is an accredited Unity SEE course: Overview of Hebrew Scriptures (SCS100)

Order Kindle at Amazon. Order a paperback copy at Balboa Press.

Six Mondays April 3-May 8 at 7 pm Eastern (6 CT)

Evolution in the Bible


Spiraling Through the Parables

In this course, Rev Lauri Boyd presents some of the parables of Jesus to explore the spiral memes, applying what we learn to our own spiritual journey and to our relationships with others. Join Rev Lauri Boyd for a deeper exploration of Spiral Dynamics. Although this is not an accredited SEE course, it will help you develop your emotional and spiritual intelligence. Rev Lauri is certified to teach Spiral Dynamics Level I and Level II and has studied it since 2006. This course was offered in February 2023. Next offering to be announced soon.

Spiral Dynamics helps us practice “non-judgment.”   

See the world through the colors of Spiral Dynamics. 

Each session of our exploration of Spiral Dynamics begins with setting a heart-intention of non-judgment and non-attachment. In other words, we’re calling ourselves to a higher consciousness during our meetings: one with spiritual eyes of love and progress toward reconciliation and regeneration. We will not engage in blaming or degrading others. Instead, we’ll learn skills for seeing with compassion and tolerance. We will create a safe zone so that both republican and democrats, traditionalists and progressives, highly educated and high school educated can come together and lovingly see each other’s needs and values. As we learn about the levels of consciousness in this model, we’ll release the tendency to think of them as “Better” or “Worse.” Rather they are “just different,” and all of them are necessary..

Spiral Dynamics is a model that is highly respected within the field of Evolution of Consciousness. It’s easy to learn but provides fodder for many wonderful introspective, reflective conversations.

As I follow the news of our current politics, religion, economics, environment, media,  and many clashing social dynamics, such as immigration, LGBTQ, #MeToo, ISIS, policing, mass shootings, social nostalgia, rising consumer costs.., I’m reminded of the 1966 song that begins  “Something’s Happenin’ Here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” I watch events unfold and I hear a particular verse:  


“There’s battle lines being drawn. Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong…  Singing songs and carrying signs. Mostly sayin’, hooray for our side!…  Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep. It starts when you’re always afraid. …”

Many folks are afraid of the swift shifts in culture, and they seem to think everybody else’s side in wrong!  How can we evolve toward seeing the Oneness in all “sides?”

Is this modern era degenerating into self-destruction? Or could it be that the tensions we’ve created in this western society are rising up and about to burst into something new and life-supportive? If a regenerative breakthrough is imminent, how can we help it come about? And how can we tolerate others who think differently and who seem to be blocking progression of consciousness? How can we practice what we preach: inclusiveness, regardless of race, religion, gender preferences, etc? 

Many people react to this model saying they don’t want to label people or categorize them in any way. Dr. Don Beck, the developer of this model and consultant to many groups who have benefited from the insights Spiral Dynamics provides, says that this model is a way for us to project ourselves into someone else’s paradigm so that we can break down misunderstandings and build bridges. 


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